What’s In A Name?

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So, you might be wondering (or you might not…) “Why did you name your daughter Evangeline Quinn?”

I was so overwhelmed at the thought of having to name a human being. I mean, seriously stressed out about it. Moreso than even labor and delivery. A name is just so… permanent. So defining. Once we found out that we were having a girl, Matt and I created a short list of names that sounded good to us. I had some pretty intense criteria: it couldn’t be in the top ten trending names of 2011, it couldn’t be a popular Bible name, it needed to be unique but not weird, it needed to be versatile, but also have deep meaning that I thought would fit this new life. No pressure, right?

So, I must admit. I first heard the name Evangeline from the show LOST. Matt and I are huge fans, and when I found out that the character who played “Kate” was named Evangeline in real life, it just stuck in my mind. I thought she was beautiful, and her name was too. As the days passed, we kept our ideas very quiet, as we didn’t want any outside influence on our decision. No matter how much I tried to keep my options open, I couldn’t shake that name.

The morning that we were going to find out the gender, I woke up from a dream about our beautiful baby being born, and the name Evangeline ringing in my ears. I knew at that moment we were probably having a girl. I was right. :) I finally looked up the meaning of the name, and I was astounded: the root word is Greek, “Evangelion”, meaning “good news”, or “gospel”. WOW. I did a little more research on the history of the name itself, and found out that it was popularized by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in an epic poem of the same name. The poem tells the story of the expulsion of the Acadians from the Northeast to Louisiana, and the love story of a girl named Evangeline. The romantic in me was swooning at this point. ¬†Apparently there is an “Evangeline” parish in Louisiana, and it is a popular street name as well.

On the day she was born, although Matt and I had kept our options “open”, we both looked at each other and knew that she would be our “Evie” girl. We didn’t decide on her middle name until after she was brought back to me in postpartum. Originally, I had wanted her middle name to be Grace- but after the labor and delivery, I decided that wasn’t fitting for her little personality. She was strong, and was going to do things her way. So we decided on “Quinn”. The name reflects my Irish heritage, and just had an air of strength and gravity to it. Plus, it’s a little sassy, which I love. Naming another human can be an intimidating task, but I hope she grows to love her name and embody it’s meaning, bringing truth and light to those she meets.


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