Evie, 9 Months

I am posting this one a little earlier than usual, because, well, she is 9 months already! And so many things are changing so fast, if I don’t record them somewhere I am afraid I will forget them. She was moving pretty quickly during our photo session, and it was tough to get a decent shot of her sitting still. But that is an accurate reflection of life these days, so we will just go with it.


Is now not only saying “mama” consistently, but “dada” as well, which makes Matt very happy. She is really starting to repeat things we say to her in her own little way… “night night” is “nan nan”, and any word that begins with a “b” is “buuhhh” and so on. It is so awesome to see her little mind just churning and connecting things all day long.

Is also starting to dance to music, which slays me every time! As soon as she hears a song she starts shaking her little booty and smiling. I am so proud. :)

Is starting to stand for a few seconds, and then fall down on her bum.  She is so proud of herself when she does this!

When we practice walking, she is constantly on her tiptoes! Not sure how well that will work out when she actually learns to walk, but I think we may have a little ballerina on our hands.

Is such a little snuggler… when we are playing, she will just lay her head on me and go “awwww”…. and then I die from the sweetness.

Is starting to hang on to her blanket a little more, and I read that this is the age where they find another object for security… so we will see if the blanket wins. There are a few toys in the running as well.


Am excited and nervous, as Matt and I will be leaving on a jet plane for our first trip away from Evie next week! We are both going to the STORY Conference in Chicago, and are so incredibly excited to be there. I have been doing the social media for the conference over the past year, and have absolutely loved working with this team and for this mission. The only thing I am not looking forward to is being away from my baby girl, and having to find time to pump. Ugh pumping.

Have a confession. We still do not have a high chair for this child. We have been using the Bumbo *on the floor, don’t freak out!* with the tray, and it works just fine. We really don’t have any space in our kitchen for a true high chair, and we are hoping to get a space saver this month. We are slackers.

Have another confession. I always thought I wouldn’t be one of those moms who constantly wanted to buy stuff for her kid. But I must admit, the temptation is so STRONG. Granted, I don’t really indulge unless we have budgeted for something, but the urge to just go to Target and fill an entire shopping cart with toys and clothes for her is crazy. Just one more thing I never thought I would be doing.

Ah motherhood, you have a way of making me eat my words.

Am already thinking about ideas for her 1 Year birthday party… ONE YEAR HOW CAN THIS BE? But it is three months away, so of course, I must create a Pinterest board and get to work on it. Any ideas welcome :)


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