Evie: 7 Months

Wow… Evie’s 7th month was a whirlwind! I am finally getting caught up with these updates. She just turned 8 months last week, but month 7 is still fresh in my mind. I get to see this smiling sweet face every day… what a joy.


Is officially crawling now! She began to rock back and forth on her legs for a while, and then began making some attempts, usually ending up army crawling on her tummy. But now, she is officially there. Watching her crawl is my favorite thing. It’s amazing that she can actually make her way toward me from across the room- so crazy. I will post some proof on the month 8 update :)

Is climbing anything and everything. This child has no fear. I, on the other hand am now terrified.

Got her top two teeth in last month, and somehow managed to not make a peep about it! I’m not really sure how we got this lucky. But I will just thank God and leave it at that. Four teeth now… wow!

Is slowly expanding her menu of foods- this past month she tried kale, coconut butter, chicken, and spinach, and loved it all. I am so grateful for how well she has received all of these new crazy flavors, and hope it lasts long into the future.

Continues to reveal little aspects of her personality that are so amazing to me. I am already catching glimpses of what she might be like down the road. So far I can tell that she is bold, fearless, a total snuggler, affectionate, and pretty intuitive. I love getting to know her more and more every day.


Am finally finished with school! (Another post on that soon to come…) It’s so nice to have time to just “be” without having to worry about the next assignment, paper or due date.

Am creating some new systems around the house to help me with getting healthy meals made, completing household chores, etc. I feel like having this area of life better organized will free up my time even more to focus on Matt, Evie and my professional endeavors. I am using Evernote for this, and am really excited about the possibilities.

Am starting to make my own baby wipes, and so far I am loving it! Since we tend to spend a little more on groceries every month, I am trying to find other ways to cut costs.

Am so excited to be able to focus more on my writing and coaching! The more I think about it, the more important it is for me to not just be a great mom, but to be the kind of woman that Evie will want to be like when she grows up. I know that a part of this must involve me continuing to pursue my dreams and calling. I want to make her a proud daughter :)


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