Evie: 6 Months

I am super late in posting this monthly update… Evie is actually 7 months now :) But being slightly OCD I refuse to skip a month, so… I will just fill you in on whatever my mom-brain can remember from last month, ok? June was actually one of the most insane months in or family since Evie has been born- Matt traveled to Cupertino, CA for a week-long training at Apple, we saw each other for about 30 minutes when he got home, and then I, Evie and my wonderful parents-in-law left for Virginia Beach for ten days, for me to attend my last week of on-campus classes.

Evie got sick while we were in VA, which subsequently got our entire family sick as well. In the midst of that I was completing all of my final school assignments, and just when we thought the worst was over, Evie caught another cold/cough. OY VEY! And during this time we were also celebrating our 10th Anniversary, and hanging out with Matt’s amazingly fun out-of-town family!

Suffice it to say, June was crazy- no middle ground, just the extremes of super fun and super sick. But guess what? It’s July now. And I couldn’t be happier. Be prepared to see much more activity on this here blog. On to the business at hand…


Had a month of many firsts!

Sat up for the first time while we in Virginia! We were just hanging out in the hotel room, and her Granddad took his hand away from her back… and VOILA! She stayed up! Of course I started jumping around like a crazed lunatic. It was such a cool moment!

Did unfortunately catch two colds, but was a total champ throughout. She stayed happy about 90% of the time despite a fever, runny nose, and a cough. I can’t get over how sweet this girl is.

Ate solid food for the first time! We got a Baby Bullet as a shower gift, and it has been so much fun to use. So far she has enjoyed avocado, sweet potato, banana, and zucchini squash. Can’t wait to continue expanding her food list.

Loves hanging out in her “activity center”- she has the strongest little legs I’ve ever seen, and loves to practice standing up. And of course, everything is still going directly in her mouth.

I starting to notice our dog Newman, and will squeal to get his attention. Unfortunately Newman wants nothing to do with her… so we are working on that.  :)

Got to have her first photo shoot! We had so much fun doing this shoot with our closest friends. Click here to see the shots.


Am really enjoying this stage- she is still so sweet and cuddly, but she interacts so much with us now. There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than to see her smile and laugh.

Am so grateful for all the help we get from my parents and Matt’s parents- I don’t know how we would have survived this past month without them coming over to help with Evie while I work on school, bringing meals when we are sick, and just taking great care of us. I don’t know why I waited so long to live near family.

Just finished a book called “Bringing Up Bebe: One Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting“, and I absolutely LOVED it (for the most part). I think I am finding my “parenting style groove”, at least for now.

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