Adventure, Day 22-25

This is the last pretend “post from the road”, my friends. After this, Matt and I will be home, safe and sound in our own beds. But for now, we’re still on the road! (hypothetically speaking of course)…

We headed out from South Dakota to the great city of Chicago. It was funny to us that an 8-hour drive began to seem like no big deal. We were official vagabonds! (P.S. Can I just mention, speaking of vagabonds, how many Harley bikers are out and about in the west during the summer? They are living it up people. We need to figure out their secret.) Anyway, back to our trip. We made it to Chicago in no time flat with our new Jeep, where we were welcomed by one of my best friends, the lovely Anna Hammonds. I consider her one of my super cool friends, because she is a real live Chicago actress, and she lives in the city. And that is cool. There is an L stop one block from her house.

We settled into her awesome apartment in Wicker Park, and promptly headed out for some amazing Thai food, which was within walking distance. Ah, the city. It was so cool to walk around at 10pm on a weeknight, and see so many people out and about, and the many restaurants packed to the gills. So fun! Anna also took us to her favorite night spot, the Blue Line, which is located directly under the blue line train overpass. We had a blast just catching up on life over Sangria and mojitos.

The next day Matt and I turned into serious tourists, and purchased a CTA day pass. We rode the L into downtown, where we met up with our friends, Allison and Chasie from Nashville, for lunch on Michigan Avenue! That was such a cool surprise- we both ended up being in town at the same time. Afterward we walked around downtown, and took an architecture boat tour on the canal. It was so interesting learning about the various building designs throughout the city. We then went to Navy Pier and enjoyed the sights of Lake Michigan. From there we walked to the Hancock Building, where we went up to the 95th floor at the Signature Room to enjoy a cocktail overlooking the city! It was such a great atmosphere, and the ladies bathroom had a wall-to-wall window! Awesome. We stayed there until the sun set, and then took the train home to Anna’s place. We went out again to an awesome Italian place, Enoteca Roma for dinner, once again just enjoying the company of close friends and great food!


The one and only Anna!


Matt enjoying his drink in The Signature Room Lounge!


Chicago, my kind of town.

After bidding a sad farewell to Anna, we headed around the lake to St. Joe, MI for my aunt’s wedding. Most of my father’s side of the family was there, and it was like a family reunion! The wedding was so beautiful and heartfelt- there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. We all stayed in the same hotel, and it was so much fun getting to catch up with my aunts, uncles and cousins, especially my younger cousins, who are in high school. I have such a cool family. :) It was awesome to see everyone and have a sort of “homecoming” after our long trip. What a great way to end our adventure! P.S. I must give a shout out to my parents, who kept our puppy for the ENTIRE time we were gone! Newman was well taken care of while we cavorted around the nation. We were so happy to see him again, and I’m sure my parents were happy to give him back!


My awesome family.


  1. says

    Aww, your vacation sounds like it was wonderful! I look forward to taking a similar roadtrip sometime in the future.

    Question: What was your favorite part(s)? It might be hard to choose just one, huh?

  2. hilarybarnett says

    Thanks E.P. for sharing in the vacation love! :) I recommend this road trip to everyone now. My post on highlights and reflections is probably the best way to see my favorite things. There were so many it was hard to fit it all in!

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