Adventure, Day 14-17

Okay, it’s super obvious that I am no longer posting from the road, but I still want to keep up with my original plan. So just pretend I am typing this from a cheap hotel in South Dakota or something. Okay?

We actually stayed in one place for three days after driving up the coast from L.A., and that place was beautiful Seattle/ Bainbridge Island, WA. We met all of my best girlfriends there for my friend Rhiannon’s wedding. It was an amazing time, as it always is with these lovely ladies.  We rode the ferry into Seattle early the day of the wedding, ate at the most amazing French bakery, Le Panier at Pike Place, and picked out fresh flowers with the beautiful bride. Her bouquet was only $5! You cannot beat that. It is so awesome to watch how each of our lives our unfolding, and how we are there for each other through all the highs and lows. This weekend was definitely a high point!

We celebrated with the bride and groom at their gorgeous seaside wedding in Seabeck, WA, and headed into downtown Seattle to enjoy the city that evening. There is never a lack of craziness with this bunch, let’s just put it that way. When we are together, fun will be had. It’s inevitable. The next day we relaxed at our cozy little inn on Eagle Harbor, and then met up with the whole group for dinner that evening. I am so glad that we were all able to be there for this wonderful occasion! Priceless memories were made.


The girls during our post-wedding photo shoot on the beach!


The original Starbucks. Nuff said.


There was so much baby cuteness going on people, I cannot tell you.

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