One Word Recap: 2013

I realize we are almost halfway in to January, but better late than never, right? It is amazing to me how fast 2013 flew by. I know that technically speaking, time marches on in the same manner it always has, but I did hear an interview on NPR with someone who talked about our perception of time. They argued that our perception shifts based on our seasons of life, and various events that we experience. Let me state for the record that having kids makes time feel like it is absolutely SAILING past you. I attribute it to being around a little human that experiences so much change in one day, you can barely keep up. I mean heck, Evie doesn’t even LOOK like the same kid after a two-hour nap.

So… 2013.

It was a very good year, I must say. I won’t bore you with all the details, but it included some great highlights, including the official launch of my business, Evie starting a two-day Mother’s Day Out program, and a pretty intense silent retreat. Also, lots of travel to see friends and  family, and even a trip to Chicago to work with my husband at a creative conference.

My word for 2013 was DWELL. And to be honest, I think I did alright at it. Some days were better than others, and there were many times that I found myself completely stressing out over the next item on my to-do list. But I feel that I was able to be present with Evie in the day-to-day. We had so much fun together this year, especially the three of us, as a family.  And when I looked back at my journal for the year, it was more than half full. Now that, for me, is big. To be able to sit down and read through all of my journal entries, prayers, and notes was incredible. I learned insights about my year, deeper insights, than I ever could have if I was just trying to remember it through photos or in my own mind.

It was the journey that my heart went on in 2013.

It wasn’t neatly organized, or tidy, and didn’t follow a certain path. But it was beautiful. If I learned anything this year, it is that I am capable of falling into the same traps again and again… even on a daily basis. But God never lets me stay there.  Gradually, over time, there is growth. There is change. Things take root, and things die. And there is so little that I really have control over. So I count it all as grace.